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Do you especially tune in to hear about weddings for Hollywood stars?

Food Art was selected to be the wedding coordinator for the Jeffrey Tambor Wedding. You have seen Jeffrey in many movies and television shows including "Something About Mary", " The Grinch That Stole Christmas", "And Justice for All", and the list goes on. Jeffrey selected New Orleans because it was half way between the east and west coasts. He selected Food Art for our creativity in designing a weekend of activities to keep all of the out of town guests happy.

Food Art coordinated hotel rooms, transportation, dinner reservations, bachelor and bachelorette parties just to open the weekend festivities. The wedding ceremony on Saturday was in the Rose Garden. With the rose bushes in bloom and dusk coming earlier in the evening, the setting was breathtaking. It was followed by a moonlight dinner at the House on Bayou Road. Thank Heavens our head Honcho, Nanci, has a connection to the weather. She bravely decided to take the tent down on the morning of the wedding and most everyone thought she was crazy. Especially when she said she would stake her career on the fact it would not rain. The celedon linens with the tissue floral overlay were magnificent by candlelight and the bamboo chairs really gave the reception a very upscale garden feel.

After putting the wedding party to bed, Food Art still could not rest. We had to finish all the arrangements for the brunch at the Ritz Carlton for early the next morning. While the crowd arrived looking a little tired, they were ready for more of what we love about New Orleans; great food and drink.

After putting the happy couple back on their plane, they could not let go of their bond to Food Art. Numerous emails followed with glowing compliments from the happy couple; we were weaning somewhat successfully. Jeffrey and his beautiful wife Kasia could not have been more complimentary in saying, "Food Art so far exceeded out wildest dreams...and that is hard to do, but you guys did...and you rock". I guess that says it all.

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